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All of our Clerk staff uses PerfectForm and can't do without it. -Loukia Lashley, Montgomery County Common Pleas, Probate Division

PerfectForm makes my work life SO much easier. -Diana Tayler, Paralegal, Ulmer & Berne LLP

Your software and support over the years has been invaluable. - Brian Knauer, Director of Information Technology, Wood & Lamping LLP

We are thrilled to have your product! -Sue Katherman, Delaware County Probate Court Administrator

I have used this program since its inception. I liked it at the beginning and I couldn't live without it now. It is very user friendly. -Doris Matson, Paralegal, Rendigs, Fry, Kiely & Dennis, LLP

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Since we first launched PerfectForm (called Perfect Probate at the time) as a DOS application in 1994 we have come a long way.

Now a Windows based program capable of updating all of your 5000+ forms automatically from the internet, we continue to build our customer base one relationship at a time.

Today we help over 800 law firms save hours of work preparing guardianship, adoption, change of name, domestic relations, or estate forms in Ohio.

Many of our customers use PerfectForm daily and have offered to serve as reference. They include:

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