Getting Started with PerfectForm

  1. Download & install PerfectForm.
  2. Input your license key
  3. Update the forms you need.
  4. Under the Matter List tab, create a new Matter
  5. Under the Matter Info tab input the Standard Information for your new matter, and enter the inventory and account items.
  6. Under the Forms tab, type the specific information for the forms you need.
  7. Save, save to PDF, print, or all three.
Yes, getting started with PerfectForm is just that easy.

If you are an attorney or paralegal that spends hours each month typing information onto probate or domestic relations forms, download and try PerfectForm today.

How much does PerfectForm cost?

  Initial Cost
one year license
Annual Renewal
Loyalty Discount
renew prior to license expiration and save 25%
one license $495.00 $220.00 $165.00
each additional license $200.00 $220.00 $165.00
more than 9 licensed users 10% Off everything

Ohio State Tax not included


How much time, energy and money do you spend managing your probate and domestic relations cases each year?


You deserve a tool that is Reliable and Easy to Use.

It doesn't have to be this way. Your time and energy should not be consumed struggling with software that is unreliable and hard to use.


"This is so nice! Very user friendly! I especially like how easy it makes the tax return!" -Kim Pennington, Paralegal for Butkovich, Schimpf, Schimpf and Ginocchio, L.P.A.


We can help simplify the forms preparation process.

Your clients pay good money to have you and your staff provide clarity when dealing with a probate or domestic relations case. They count on you for a consistent and reliable result.

At PerfectForm, we help you accomplish this by providing you with the most easy to use, reliable, and affordable time saving tool available.


"The program eliminates nearly all of the repetitive work and allows you to keep track of assets and debts with ease. . . .I cannot emphasize enough how much time this is going to save us." Thomas J. Ruwe, Attorney at Law


One Program is all you Need

Since it was first released in 1994, Sean Wood, J.D., LL.M., CPA and his development team have been working with customers to perfect all aspects of PerfectForm to ensure you can easily maintain your commitment to your clients for a consistent, timely, and reliable result.

When all of the federal, state and county level forms are contained within one program, something very powerful happens.


You save time, and a lot of it.

Tools such as Standard Information and the Master Input List ensure you are not constantly re-inputting data. If something needs to be changed, you update that information in one location and this new information will flow to all the appropriate forms.


Finally, a time-saving tool that Delivers


"Extremely high recommendation. I would like to see PerfectForm as the market leader. Very competitive pricing." -Jacintha Balch, Attorney at Law, Columbus.


Would you like to try PerfectForm?

Download your free copy of PerfectForm today. Be sure to use a valid email address so we can send you a complimentary 30 day license that gives you complete access to all the features within this powerful time saving tool.


"I do a lot of probate work and I wouldn't practice without the software [PerfectForm]." -Larry Walker, Attorney at Law, Batavia