Getting Started with PerfectForm

  1. Download & install PerfectForm.
  2. Input your license key
  3. Update the forms you need.
  4. Under the Matter List tab, create a new Matter
  5. Under the Matter Info tab input the Standard Information for your new matter, and enter the inventory and account items.
  6. Under the Forms tab, type the specific information for the forms you need.
  7. Save, save to PDF, print, or all three.
Yes, getting started with PerfectForm is just that easy.

If you are an attorney or paralegal that spends hours each month typing information onto probate or domestic relations forms, download and try PerfectForm today.

PerfectForm Features

Easy to use and intuitive tools that reduce typing & eliminate errors

Download our free 30-day trial, go to the “Standard Information” screen and type in some of the more repetitive information: attorney and fiduciary information, client information, etc. Then just click on a form and start working. The areas for the Standard Information will already be filled in (you can modify them if you wish) and you fill in the remaining information. This is one area in which forms from court websites just don’t measure up: with court form you have to type the same information on multiple forms, which often leads to errors.

Network installation is a snap

Different people in your office can all work on the same matter (just not the same matter at the same time). You will not need to hire someone to come in and set this up for you. We can help you set it up for the free 30-day trial.

Forms are crisp and professional looking

There’s no better way to demonstrate to your client the quality of your work than by producing professional-looking forms. Our forms often look better than the original court forms.

Forms can be saved as PDF files

Once you have downloaded and installed the program, open a form and click 'Print or Save PDF' and then 'Save to PDF'. A PDF file can be e-mailed to clients or other counsel and can be viewed by anyone who has Adobe Acrobat (which anyone can get free at

Get started with our free 30-day trial with no obligation

Download our free 30-day trial and we'll be happy to walk you through the program over the phone (800-815-7180). No “gotcha.” Nobody has ever been asked to pay for the program who didn’t want it.

On-line updates

When new forms come out, or when new program features are added, you just click the Update button, select the updates you want, and it all happens quickly over the Internet. Alternative methods, including CDs, are available for those without Internet access.

Over 5000 forms

County-specific estate, guardianship, adoption, name change, domestic relations forms, along with Ohio and federal estate tax, and a variety of handy IRS forms such as the SS-4, W-7, W-9, 56, 2350, 2848, 4768, 4868. There is no “per-form” charge. You can access them all. Call us if your county has a unique form that we do not already include, and we will add it, no charge.

Automatic calculations carry from one form to another

This is another area in which court or governmental forms just can’t match up.

Managing assets & income items

Once you have downloaded the free 30-day trial, go to the Master Input List and enter the asset and income items that will appear on the guardian's inventory and guardian's account. Type in the description, supply an amount, and designate the form(s) that the item is to appear on. Next item.


Our manager of development is a licensed J.D. and CPA, has an LL.M. (Taxation), and seven years with (what used to be the) "Big 8" Accounting Firms. We know what your needs are.


We have been in business for over 16 years and are trusted by over 1400 attorneys and paralegals. 70% of the Hamilton County law firms with more than 50 lawyers use PerfectForm. (We don’t know how many of the others use forms of this kind.)

In the first five months of 2009 of the 76 attorneys who filed 6 or more matters in the Franklin County Probate Court, 41 were current customers of PerfectForm.

Handy features

If you need a form and you think some other county might have it, you can search for it – just supply a word or words that will be found in the title. Spell check is also available.

Easy backup and restore of matters

There is no extra charge for home installation, and this makes it easy to take a matter home and work on it there.

Better than downloaded court forms

Unlike some other forms programs

Where's the best place to start?

Get all the state and county specific forms you need to file probate or domestic relations today. Download our free 30-day trial with no obligation.