Getting Started with PerfectForm

  1. Download & install PerfectForm.
  2. Input your license key
  3. Update the forms you need.
  4. Under the Matter List tab, create a new Matter
  5. Under the Matter Info tab input the Standard Information for your new matter, and enter the inventory and account items.
  6. Under the Forms tab, type the specific information for the forms you need.
  7. Save, save to PDF, print, or all three.
Yes, getting started with PerfectForm is just that easy.

If you are an attorney or paralegal that spends hours each month typing information onto probate or domestic relations forms, download and try PerfectForm today.

About PerfectForm

Over the past 15 years we have dedicated ourselves to reducing the time it takes you to prepare legal forms in the state of Ohio. These key features have earned us a long list of very happy customers.

To get started, download our free 30-day trial with no obligation today.

Our goal is to SAVE YOU HOURS OF WORK each month!

Here's our approach:

  1. We maintain all the forms you need in one easy-to-use program.

    • There are over 5000 federal, state, and county level forms and they change constantly. Keeping these forms current will consume days of your professional life unless you let us do it for you.

  2. We make sure your forms remain current.

    • Online updates ensure your forms remain up to date. When you run PerfectForm on a computer which is connected to the Internet, the program automatically notifies you when updates are available. These updates are then downloaded and installed at the click of a button. For those without Internet access, we will send you an udpate CD as required.

  3. We don't waste your time with tools that don't work.

    • PerfectForm is easy-to-use. Software that forces you to export and import data from one part of the program to the next, or leaves you to deal with error messages on a regular basis when completing and printing forms wastes time and makes you very very angry. Our motto is simple. It just has to work!

  4. We only ask you to input data ONCE!

    • Speaking of wasting time, nothing is more time consuming than typing out the same information over and over again. We get you to input common information once and get the program to flow this information to each of your forms.

  5. We make it easy for you to work as a team.

    • Store your data on your hard drive or on a shared office network, your choice. Either way, if work as part of a team and need to collaborate with others on shared files, the important files you need are always accessible.

  6. We make it easy for you to maintain backups.

    • Creating backups at the click of a button is critical because losing important data is not an option.

  7. We don't waste your time doing long division.

    • Your client's don't pay you to pour over a calculator for hours every night, they pay you to ensure their numbers are correct so that together you can make informed decisions. Your computer is a calculator on steroids, let it do the work.

  8. You don't need to buy any other software.

    • PerfectForm runs on Windows (XP, Vista and Windows 7) and no other software is required to enjoy the full benefits of the program. Forms can be saved as PDF files which can be viewed by anyone, including your clients, using Adobe's Acrobat viewer.

  9. Forms are easy to find.

    • The built in search tool makes it easy to find the forms you are looking for.

  10. You are never alone.

    • Each subscription comes with free technical support via our , support email or our toll free line at 1-800-815-7180.

  11. .. and we always encourage you to save your work.

    • We're not sure when the 'Save' button become a luxury however not being able to save information to an online form is ridiculous. Saving your work is a must.

Over the past fifteen years we have saved thousands of hours of work for attorneys and their paralegal staff as they prepared millions of estate, guardianship, adoption, change of name, domestic relations, and other legal forms.

If you want to save time and simplify the legal forms preparation process, download PerfectForm and start your free 30 day trial now.